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Sagemoon Cottage is a small home based business collective and writers' workshop run by the staff and crew of SageMoon Cottage, who manage to write fiction and nonfiction, list items for sale, send out invoices, answer inquiries, as well as, pack and ship despite having to cater to 4 demanding cats and a naughty little Chihuahua who believe it is their innate right to be petted and adored at a moment's notice.

We specialize in selling books, vintage jewelry and good old All-American junk. You can find our wares on eBay. Our user ID is SageMoon-Cottage.

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: Our GREAT Items on eBay...check them out!!!

Club99 On-line Auction Sellers Group: this is a group of fantastic sellers on eBay who have an awesome auction event starting the second Saturday of each month great bargains await you

Heart of the Web Cafe and Business forum: great place to share and exchange information about the on-line auction industry...everyone active in on-line sales, buyers and sellers should particpate at HOW...we share information to better improve our customer service as well as tips for buying and selling effectively on-line.

Daily Shot of Coffee This is a website that I write essays about coffee for, come check it out!

The CATS of SageMoon Cottage: these cats rule the roost and are bossy...don't let these sweet pictures fool you!!! ; )

 - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

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